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Borderlands was released in 2009, developed by Gearbox Software. It was released on Xbox 360, and is part of the Borderlands series. The core amount of achievements are 50, which totals 1000 gamerscore. It has three different installments of DLC, that combined increases the number of achievements to 79, and the gamerscore to 1735. There is also a title update that further adds one achievement worth 15 gamerscore.


Borderlands is a first person shooter with elements of a role playing game. It features four different playable classes, Roland (soldier), Brick (berserker), Mordecai (hunter), Lilith (siren). It supports local split screen for two players, and four player online cooperative gameplay.

Title update

A title update was released with the achievement Ding! Overleveled on February 23, 2010 along with The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. The achievement would unlock as soon as a character levelled up to 51.

Icon Achievement Pre-unlock description Post-unlock description Gamerscore
Ding! Overleveled.png Ding! Overleveled Reach Level 51 Reached Level 51 15


The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

This DLC was released November 24, 2009. It adds 5 achievements worth 125 gamerscore.


This is a zombie themed DLC.


Icon Achievement Pre-unlock description Post-unlock description Gamerscore
House of the Ned.png House of the Ned Complete the "House of the Ned" mission Completed the "House of the Ned" mission 25
Jakobs Fodder.png Jakobs Fodder Complete the "Jakobs Fodder" mission Completed the "Jakobs Fodder" mission 25
Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!.png Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! Complete the "Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!" mission Completed the "Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!" mission 25
Secret achievements
Icon Achievement Post-unlock description Gamerscore
Night of the Living Ned.png Night of the Living Ned Killed Ned...sort of 1
Ned's Undead, Baby.png Ned's Undead, Baby Killed Ned. Again. 49

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

This DLC was released December 29, 2009. It adds 5 achievements worth 125 gamerscore.

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

This DLC was released February 23, 2010. It adds 9 achievements worth 235 gamerscore. This DLC increased the level cap to 61.

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

This DLC was released September 28, 2010. It DLC adds 10 achievements worth 250 gamerscore. Coincidingly a separate title update was released to increase the level cap with 8 levels.


Borderlands has 50 core achievements worth 1000 gamerscore, along with a title update that adds one more achievement worth 15 gamerscore. Including all DLCs the tally is 80 achievements worth 1750 gamerscore.